Hundreds Expected To Protest AG Holder's OKC Visit

Hundreds of people are expected to tell AttorneyGeneral Eric Holder they don't want him in Oklahoma City.

State lawmakers, police officers and activists plan toprotest a speech Holder will give Thursday at a graduation ceremony welcomingnew officers to the Oklahoma City Police Department.

The ceremony will be held at First Church just east ofthe Oklahoma City National Memorial. Protest organizers are calling on theofficers in attendance to place Holder in handcuffs.

Conservative organizer Bob Dani is calling out OklahomaCity officials for allowing Holder to address Oklahoma City's newest officers.

"Eric Holder is in contempt of Congress right now,"said Dani.

At issue is the debate over "Fast and Furious" and theIRS scandal. Conservative Members of Congress say Holder has broken the law --others say the congressional probes are just political stunts.

Police officials tell News 9 they don't let politics drivetheir decisions. Chief Citty says he respects the office Holder holds andserves. FBI agents will be out in force, according to police. Extra cityofficers will be also be patrolling the streets, monitoring even their own.

Dani says he expects the protest to be peaceful. News9 reached out to the United States Department of Justice for comment. Nocomment was provided as of late Wednesday.

The graduation ceremony for Oklahoma City's 42 newestofficers starts at 1:30 p.m. Thursday at 131 NW 4th St. in OklahomaCity.