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Residents Sound Off On Proposed Valley Brook Gentlemen's Club

Evan Anderson, News 9

There's community fall-out in Valley Brook as a developer proposes another gentlemen's club in town. But the plan for this club is a little different, as these strippers would be completely nude.

News 9 has also learned the same developer wants to tack on a family restaurant.

There are already two strip clubs in the complex. News 9 is told the idea is to renovate and turn one end back into a restaurant and gas station. But, it's what could go right next door that has the town talking.

It didn't take long for news to spread after Tuesday night's town council meeting. The Valley Brook City attorney helped to present what we're told was an elaborate presentation on plans to fill vacant slots of this complex.

"They had pictures, and they had a little booklet thing all set up," resident Tressie Lawson said.

A lifelong Valley Brook resident, Lawson says there were mixed reviews at the council meeting, especially the idea of having a family friendly restaurant tucked in between gentlemen's clubs.

"I just prefer that they didn't, but they're going to," said Lawson.

A town official says the strip club is labeled as a "juice bar," and strippers would be allowed to be completely nude. The only exception is that no alcohol can be served.

"Why would you bring your family to eat there or to do anything there? I didn't even know all-nude bars existed in Oklahoma," resident Anthony Lawson said.

The new strip club would be named "Déjà Vu," and sit next to Little Darling's and The Edge; all in the same complex. A Valley Brook council member tells News 9 the restaurant would be a fast food type place, possibly a pizza shop or a hamburger joint.

Many Valley Brook residents say it's no question the clubs in the small town are major financial benefit; but most also agree the clubs can do a lot of damage to a community.

"I think they need to quit worrying about [topless] bars, and bring these kids out here something to do, is what I think," said resident Harvey Lawson.

The city council wants more time to do some research before a final decision is made. The discussion will continue at next month's Valley Brook council meeting. Of course, News 9 will keep you posted.