The Village Serial Robbery Suspect Quickly Arrested

Sylvia Corkill, News 9

An accused serial robber is behind bars Thursday, after surveillance footage helped lead officers straight to his home.

In just two days, police said Phillip Redelk held up two restaurants in The Village, and a third in Oklahoma City.

With the robberies happening so quickly, police were afraid these armed robberies would escalate, ending with someone getting hurt or even killed.

One after another, armed with what turned out to be a paint ball gun, Philip Redelk entered these businesses demanding money, police said.

Each time, Redelk's pickup was captured on video surveillance and was later spotted parked outside of a home in a Village neighborhood. After getting a search warrant, police found a treasure trove of evidence tying Redelk to the crimes.

"What we found in the suspect vehicle were the gloves. He was still wearing the same shoes, same pants and in the truck was the mask he wore when he committed the robberies," said Deputy Chief Russ Landon.

Redelk told police he was from Florida, was broke and was trying to get enough money to get back home. Police say while he used some of the money to pay rent, he used a lot of it on tattoos.

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