Old Friend Remembers Chase Suspect

Steve Shaw, News 9

Court records show Brenton Hager, the man arrested for leading police on a nearly three-hour chase Friday afternoon, has an extensive criminal record and was recently released from an Oklahoma prison. He was busted for meth possession in Oklahoma County three years ago.

Still, one of his best childhood friends can’t believe what Hager has done. Eric Shelton is a San Antonio-based UFC Mixed Martial Arts fighter. He says he grew up with Hager in Monmouth, Illionois.

“Every day we hung out, man," Shelton told News 9 by phone Friday, "and it blows my mind to see where he’s at right now."

Shelton says Hager had an unhappy home life in Illinois. He fears Hager has succumbed to drugs.

“It blows my mind. He was always good with the ladies. Just, he was a good dude man, a good heart. I cannot believe that’s what drugs can do. It can change a person 100 percent.”

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