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PA Professor To Hold Class In Honor Of Moore Child Killed In Tornado

Justin Dougherty, News 9

You could call it a storm shelter gridlock. Two plans to pay for school shelters now sit at the capitol.

But now a private organization, Shelter Oklahoma Schools, is taking action to raise funds and it's already building shelters.

Oklahoma and Pennsylvania are two least likely states to call themselves neighbors. But when it comes to storm shelters, Penn State students are all for helping the kids just down the road.

"I sent three kids to school on May 20 and I got two gets back," said Nicole Angle who lost her 9-year old daughter.

Nicole Angle has been lost in her thoughts for almost nine months. "Every aspect of our world has changed," said Angle.

Nicole lost her 9-year-old daughter Sydney in Plaza Towers.

"So so beautiful... the most beautiful eyes," said Angle.

But about a week ago Nicole received an email that changed her thinking.

"It was amazing, I had to read it over and over again," said Angle.

The email was from Nicole's friend Karri Bowen, a Public Relations professor at Penn State Brandywine. A school over 13,000 miles away.

"Anybody can be touched by a situation like this no matter where you are," said Bowen.

Karri has decided to dedicate her entire PR class of 20 students to develop a fundraiser and raise money for Shelter Oklahoma Schools an organization created by Representatives Mark McBride and John Echols. Since May, it has raised $2.1 million in private funds.

"It's incredible. For them to come in and help like that, it's amazing," said Representative Jon Echols.

"It's a whole course, putting together education and outreach," said Bowen.

Pictures of Sydney are now ever present in the classroom.

"That emotion is what's propelling them," said Bowen.

"She would have made a lot of people know who she was," said Angle.

People across the nation do know Sydney Angle and what Penn state students will be doing in her honor.

"We want to make a lot of money, give it to Shelter Oklahoma Schools," said Bowen.

"I hope it lights a spark in several different areas in Oklahoma," said Angle.

The class is ongoing right now and will go till the end of April, which is when the class will hold a major fundraiser all across the Philadelphia area.